Blue Mountains, Australia

January 2017 + June 2017

The Blue Mountains in NSW, Australia is only a short 3 hour drive from our home in the Hunter Valley.

We like to go here when we want a quiet, peaceful weekend getaway amongst nature.

Our favourite place to stay in the Blue Mountains is in the quaint, artsy town of Leura.

The reason we love the Blue Mountains so much is because of all the hikes you can do. The best hike is called the “Valley of the Waterfalls”, which leads into the “National Pass”.

Not only do you get to experience the grand and expansive views of the valley, but you can also cool off by the many waterfalls and rock pools along the way.

If you want another unique experience, you can drive an hour to the Jenolan Caves.

Here, you can venture through the amazing limestone caves which include underground rivers and colourful crystal formations. We recommend the “Ribbon Cave” and the “River Cave.”

You are also greeted with the pleasant surprise of the Blue Lagoon when you exit the caves.

The Blue Mountains is definitely not a location you should miss when travelling Australia!

Love, Caitlin & Brayden



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