Jess & Dave’s Wedding


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Congratulations to Jess & Dave!

This beautiful day started with a scenic drive through the picturesque Barrington Tops to Riverwood Downs. It was a rainy autumn day, but this just made the lush greenery and misty mountain valleys even more enchanting.

We met Dave and his groomsman at the River Cottage, with the serene stream of water the only sound nearby. The boys had some whiskey shots, and Dave exchanged some emotional gifts with his Mum. This reminded him that his Dad will always be by his side.

Jess and her girls got glammed at the Rose Cottage, making sure the champagne and tunes were flowing. We talked about how rain on a wedding day is good luck, because wetting a “knot” makes it stronger. When Jess walked down the stairs in her jaw-dropping gown, everyone (especially her Dad) was in awe.

As the time for the ceremony neared, Dave waited patiently for his bride under the arbour. We then heard the click of horse hooves around the corner, and the crowd told Dave to turn around. His bride rode past in a beautiful white horse-drawn carriage – it was like a fairytale.

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the beautiful property. Walking around the interconnected verandahs draped in vines and greenery, with views of the surrounding gardens and forest – this is definitely a venue that makes rainy days special.

The reception in the wood barn lit by fairy lights and a LOVE neon sign was a magical space for the rest of the festivities. A surprise proposal by one of Dave’s groomsman (orchestrated by Jess & Dave of course, with Jess pretending to throw her bouquet and instead handing it to the unsuspecting future bride), sparked even more excitement and emotion. We ended the evening with a sparkler tunnel, and even managed an intimate moment under the stars.

Thank you Jess & Dave for including us in such a monumentally special day, we will remember it forever!

↠ Photographer: CJO Photography
↠ Venue: Riverwood Downs, Barrington Tops
↠ Celebrant: Melonie Bruderlin
↠ Florals: Four Acre Farm
↠ Hair & Makeup: Gloss Girl Bridal Story
↠ Band: MAC Trio
↠ Cake: Dragonfly Cakes

Love, Brayden & Caitlin