Do you have some questions?

Here are some commonly asked ones!

  1. What are your packages?
    We currently offer Small, Medium & Large packages for Wedding / Lifestyle Photography & Videography. We also have some Videography Add-Ons if you’d like to customise your small to mid size package. You can use the below links to see the inclusions in more detail.

    Please use our online contact form to enquire, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with all of the information. Don’t forget to check your junk box for our response!
  2. Do you customise your packages?
    Yes we do! We will do our absolute best to create a package that suits you. 
  3. I am a brand / vendor looking for product promotion. Do you do this?
    Yes we do! Please use our online contact form to enquire, and we will send you a custom quote that meets your needs.
  4. How far do you travel for weddings and events?
    We are happy to travel far, wide and across the seas! Just let us know where you are and how long you need us for, and we will give you a quote. Travel for a 2 hour round trip from the Hunter Valley is complimentary with our packages!
  5. I am planning my wedding 2 years in advance. Can I book you in?
    We usually only take bookings that are a maximum of 18 months away. However, we are still happy to book you in and reconfirm 12-18 months before your date! Your deposit will be fully refundable if we cannot fulfil your date.
  6. Do you accept midweek bookings, or offer midweek discounts?
    Yes, we are currently accepting midweek bookings! However, we don’t offer midweek discounts. 
  7. How do I secure my date with you?
    All we need is a 20% deposit and we are all booked in!
  8. When do I need to pay?
    We hold your date for two weeks so that you can pay your 20% deposit. After this, your final balance isn’t due until 2 weeks before your date. 
  9. What if I need to change my date, or change my mind and want to cancel?
    We are happy to change your date if we are available! As long as we are available, and there has been no significant changes to our packages, there are no additional change fees. Unfortunately though, change of mind cancellations come under the standard policies on our contract. We will send you our contract and terms of sale upon booking.
  10. What if I want to change my package?
    Please give us lots of notice if you’d like to change your package! If you are increasing your package, we may need to hire an assistant, plus make extra room in our editing schedule. If you are decreasing your package (this includes removing a service – such as cancelling videography but keeping photography), there’s a chance we may need to reconsider our booking with you. This is because we only take on a very particular number of bookings per year. If you change your mind post event (i.e. you didn’t book a full film package, but now want to relive the incredible speeches your families and friends made), you’re in luck! We always film ceremonies and speeches in full.
  11. What about your cancellation policy due to COVID-19?
    We like to encourage postponements rather than full cancellations. But, we definitely understand and fully support any decision that is best for you and your guests. As COVID-19 is a known pandemic, any cancellations will come under the standard policies on our contract. We will send you our contract and terms of sale upon booking. But like mentioned above, if you postpone to an available date, there are no additional fees!
  12. Are you fully vaccinated against COVID-19?
    Yes we are! We want to protect you, your guests, your vendors, & ourselves. We always follow the current safety requirements, have a COVID-19 Safety Plan, and are registered as a COVID-Safe Business.
  13. Do I have to pay extra for drone footage?
    No you don’t! We include drone coverage as a complimentary feature within our packages. See why in the point below!
  14. Are you always able to fly your drone?
    No, not always. We are registered with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, and are currently operating our drone in the “Sub 2kg” category. This means we are unable to fly inside restricted airspaces without a specially approved Remote Pilot license. In cases of bad weather, we are also unable to fly our drone. This is why drone footage is currently a complimentary feature of our packages.
  15. What happens if you can’t fly your drone?
    We always offer our couples a chance to meet up and chat about the big day (fully complimentary). If your venue is inside a restricted airspace, we can coordinate the meet up in a drone friendly area and grab some “engagement” drone footage! We would then incorporate this footage into your wedding film(s).
  16. Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
    Yes we do! We are insured for $20,000,000. If your venue or another vendor needs to see our insurance policy, please let us know!
  17. Can I request song(s) for my film(s)?
    We completely understand that music plays a sentimental role in many weddings and events, however most music is usually protected by Copyright laws. If you wish to purchase an Extended Film (which will include the original audio from the music played at your event), Rosebrook Imagery has a Domestic Use Video Licence issued by APRA AMCOS & ARIA, and your film may be shared in private and domestic settings only. For Highlight and Instagram films (that are designed to be shared on social media), Rosebrook Imagery is subscribed to a music licensing service called Music Bed, and will use songs from this library. If you’d like to request a song, please refer to Music Bed’s website. If not, Rosebrook Imagery will always choose songs that perfectly suit you and your special day!
  18. What do you need from us?
    Upon booking, we will give you a contract to sign and a questionnaire to complete. The questionnaire outlines all of the nitty gritty details we’ll need to know from you before the day. After that, we will need a detailed run sheet with all contact and vendor information, as well as timelines of your event. You’ll also need to note down any special requests or shot lists. In the current climate, we’ll also need a signed COVID-19 waiver form. We will take care of everything else from there! 
  19. Are you happy to meet us?
    Of course! We would love to meet you. It will help us get to know each other, and you can make sure we are the type of personality you vibe with. You will be spending most of your day with us, so we want to be your friends! Our style is quite relaxed – we don’t like to consume your day. We would hate for you to walk away from your special day thinking “gosh, all we did was take photos!” We like to keep things pretty fun and interactive, so that you feel like you are spending time with each other, rather than being static. Organising consultations at your venue is also always a win win. It gives us a chance to understand the layout and lighting of your event, and we can also chat about any special requests you may have. Our consultations and site visits are completely complimentary!
  20. Can you help me with my timeline?
    Of course we can! We know weddings like the backs of our hands. We can help you figure out what time you should finish getting ready, the time for the best sunset light, and how long your photoshoots should take.
  21. Is 8 hours enough coverage for my whole wedding day (i.e. including Bride / Groom preparation)?
    We don’t like to set hours in stone, which is why we offer “full day” and “partial day” coverages. Generally speaking, 8 hours is only enough time if each phase of your event is held at the same location. This means that both preparations, the ceremony and reception are all held at the same location. If not, we require extra time to travel and move / set up our equipment, and 8 hours may fall short of some key moments. Ultimately, it is completely up to you and how you plan your timeline, and we promise we’ll do everything we can with the time we’re given!
  22. What if different parts of my wedding or event are in different locations?
    That’s fine! Depending on how far apart each location is, you will have to allow us extra time to travel and move / set up our equipment. We recommend allowing us 10 hours if you would like the entire day captured.
  23. How long do you need to set up your equipment?
    For film jobs, we need half an hour before a wedding ceremony to set up our equipment. For photography and all other events, set up time is minimal.
  24. What if I end up needing you for longer than the coverage I have paid for?
    We are happy to stay for an additional coverage charge. We will give you a quote for this upon your enquiry. This is generally longer than 6 hours for a partial day, or 12 hours for a full day. If you ask us to stay longer on the day itself, this will be an overtime charge invoiced on the following day.
  25. Can you give us any tips and tricks that will help you create great content?
    Just be yourself and have fun! Sometimes it is best to pretend that we aren’t even there! Our favourite photos and films capture raw, candid moments. If you’re a bit shy, we will definitely give you some directions that will help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera. 
  26. What if you are unwell or become unable to attend my wedding or event?
    Depending on the circumstance, we will attempt to find a replacement videographer or photographer for you. In the worst case scenario, we will give you a full refund.
  27. How long after my wedding or event will I receive my content?
    Depending on the season, it generally takes 10-16 weeks to edit your gallery. We are perfectionists and want to deliver our upmost quality. Both film and photo galleries are delivered online, and larger packages also receive a complimentary custom USB.
  28. Do you deliver sneak peeks?
    Generally speaking, yes! We understand that you probably don’t want to announce your special day with an iPhone photo. This is why we try our best to send you a sneak peek photo gallery / film reel in under 48 hours. We don’t like to 100% guarantee this though, as rushing our work is definitely a pet hate of ours (especially if we have a busy weekend with multiple events). We always make every effort though!
  29. What if I am not comfortable with you posting my content on social media, or adding it to your portfolio?
    This is a tricky one. We completely understand that you may not want your faces, and the special intimacies of your big day, blasted all over the internet. We promise that we always keep privacy in mind, and only share highlights. But… if zero sharing is your wish, please let us know straight away (preferably before booking us). We work in a competitive industry that thrives on social media and creating online portfolios. Not sharing our most recent work is detrimental to our business. Even though we own the rights to our films and photos, we would prefer to respect you! So, if we can’t come to an agreement, we are sure there are other creators out there that will fit your needs perfectly.
  30. I am a brand / vendor that worked at an event you captured. Can I have access to your work?
    We are happy to give you access to our photography at no charge (as long as it is approved by our client). If you would like us to do additional work for you (such as create a promotional film), we can only accept this based on our schedule, and will charge appropriately. Our music licence only covers us and our wedding clients, so you will also need to pay to license the film for your business. The other option is to have access to a silent version of a ready-made film (as long as it is approved by our client). Please remember to credit us on your socials and website where due!
  31. How long do you keep our raw files for? It’s been a year and I would like something extra!
    Once we deliver your films and photos (usually 12 weeks post event), we actually have no obligation to keep your raw files. BUT, we generally do! So please feel free to reach out and ask! We will only accept the extra work based on our current schedule.

We hope some of these answers have helped you.

If you have a question that we haven’t addressed here, please contact us below for more detailed information!


Love, Caitlin & Brayden