Travel has been a love of ours for many years now.

It was travel that really sparked our desire to pursue photography & videography as a passion.

Our first holiday together was a snow trip to New Zealand.

We have since found ourselves venturing to Indonesia, the United States, Canada, Japan, Turkey, the Netherlands, Hungary, France, Ireland, Finland, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt and India.

We currently have six travel dreams:

  1. To reach 30 countries by the age of 30.
  2. To back pack through South America or South East Asia.
  3. To hike to Everest Base Camp.
  4. To live abroad in Canada or Scandinavia with our fur babies.
  5. To van life around our home country of Australia.
  6. To do the Mongol Rally!

Recently, we have also found the beauty of our own country in Western Australia, and plan to travel our back yard much more in the coming years.

We can’t wait to document each one of our adventures!

Check out some snippets of our travels below, or click the link of our YouTube channel for the full videos! For our travel photos, head on over to our Instagram.


Love, Brayden & Caitlin